With seven years experience in the marketing, branding, and copywriting field, I’ve had the opportunity to do everything from advertise high-end international travel to compose technical papers on augmented reality.


  • Influencer campaigns

  • Website audits to improve searchability, flow, and CTR

  • Brand and product copywriting

  • Newsletter building and sending

  • PERSONAL Workflow optimization

These days, I’m excited to work with the clients who light me up so I can infuse this energy and enthusiasm back into their brands—from my favorite retail shop in Crested Butte to the city of Breckenridge and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking for help on an influencer campaign, optimizing your website to increase searchability and click-through-rate, want to send meaningful newsletters to your audience but don’t know where to begin, or simply hope to improve your workflow between e-mail and cloud platforms, I’m here to help.


Whitney has been an amazing advocate of Chopwood Mercantile. We have benefited from her input and influence as an Outdoor Industry leader.

-Travis Underwood, Chopwood Mercantile 

“Whitney made organizing my business workflow a breeze. I’m so grateful for her assistance and insight.”

-LPJ, Private business owner


Past and Current Clients